Sabarimala issue: Woman asks for police protection to enter shrine, police takes her to secret location

Pathanamthitta: The Sabarimala issue has rekindled again once the elections are drawing to a close. Bindhu Amini, a woman activist, reached Ranni Police Station and asked for protection to enter the holy shrine in a bid to hurt the Ayyappa devotees.

Though the police fears a huge backlash from the devotees, they are trying to protect Bindhu and attempting to take her to Sabarimala.

The Sabarimala shrine opened yesterday for a five day period. Bindhu had planned to enter the shrine yesterday and reached Ranni police station. However, Ayyappa devotees got wind of her presence and protested in front of the station foiling her attempt to enter the shrine yesterday.

After the attempt failed, the police took Bindhu to several places out of sight of Ayyappa devotees. However, with Sabarimala Karma Samithi activists’ vigilance and look out, she was soon spotted and Ayyappa devotees descended on wherever she took refuge.

The Ayyappa devotees are keeping a strict vigilance on all the police stations where Bindhu is expected to be brought by the police. The police is continuously changing her locations to outwit the Ayyappa devotees who seem to reach wherever the police is taking her.

The Kerala police had decided to take Bindhu Amini yesterday itself to the holy shrine. However, the protests by Ayyappa devotees and the fact that the police personnel were low made them change their decision.

Bindhu Amini had introduced herself as a journalist of ‘Media Gill’ and asked for protection to enter the holy shrine. Media Gill had earlier published a news article saying that their women reporters must enter Sabarimala.

There is already accusations that Media Gill is supported by Maoist-Jihadi nexus.

Sabarimala Karma Samithi is doing a great service to protect the age old Hindu traditions of Sabarimala. Their round-the-clock vigilance and alertness is now becoming a headache to Kerala police.

Sabarimala shrine will close on 19th of this month and till then there is no rest for Sabarimala Karma Samithi activists and for common Hindu devotees who are praying that traditions and rituals at the holy shrine is not violated by the enemies of Hinduism.


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