SBI bank attack case; attempts to protect left leaders

Thiruvananthapuram: Police have not taken any steps yet to arrest NGO leaders who had attacked and destroyed SBI Treasury Branch at Thiruvananthapuram. The accused are trying to escape from the case and hence offering compensation for compromising the issue. The compromisers request is that if the case is forwarded, the bank attackers will loose their jobs. But the bank authorities have the stern stand that the accused should get proper punishment. Hence, police is trailing the issue by not arresting the accused so as to get enough time for compromising movements.

Meanwhile, some women employees have come up against the leaders. They have submitted a complaint to the Regional Manager, stating that those attackers used abusive words and insulted women. Among 15 accused including NGO Union District President, only two have been detained yet. Police’s version about delaying arrest is that the details about the accused is yet to be collected and the culprits are absconding.


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