SFI brutality: Injured student accuses SFI unit president for stabbing him for singing and standing against SFI arrogance

Thiruvananthapuram: The student who was stabbed in the chest by SFI activists at the University College, which is dominated by the left student body, has accused the SFI Unit President, Sivaranjith for stabbing him with a knife.

Today the police recorded the statement of Akhil, who was injured a few days back. He is still undergoing treatment and the police had to take his statement from the hospital bed.

According to the statement SFI leaders already held a grudge against Akhil for standing against the arrogance of the left leaders in the college. However, the immediate reason for the sudden attack against Akhil was that the SFI leaders did not like him singing whilst sitting with his friends and objected to it.

When Akhil stood up against their objection a scuffle broke out which led to the stabbing.

Akhil, who was taken to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, had told the doctor that Sivaranjith stabbed him and Naseem aided in the attack.

The police now will proceed according to the statement given by Akhil. Eye witnesses accounts also collaborates with Akhil’s statement. They too had claimed that  Sivaranjith had stabbed Akhil in the campus with a knife. Both Sivaranjith and Naseem have admitted their involvement in the case.

Seven students involved in the attack has been suspended from the college.

Meanwhile, the Principal of University College, K. Vishwambaran, has been transferred from the post.

The stabbing incident and the capture of examination answer sheets and government seals of professors from SFI’s office in the campus have thrown open a huge debate in the state. It also questions the integrity of Kerala University and the credibility of the examinations conducted by the University when answer sheets are found at the SFI’s unit office and also at Sivaranjith’s house.

SFI sympathizers at the University College are also fed up with SFI’s totalitarianism and rose against the party. Though, the national and state leadership have been quick to condemn the incident and have disowned the SFI activists involved in the attack, everyone is asking why the leadership was silent all this time.

SFI’s brutality and totalitarian tendency is well known by everybody especially at University College where their domination is complete.


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