SFI leader threatens and beats up student for trying to start unit of KSU in the communist dominated college campus

Thiruvananthapuram: A student staying at the University College hostel has been threatened and brutally thrashed by a SFI leader. The SFI leader was angry that the student, Nithin Raj, was trying to start a unit of KSU. The campus is dominated by the communist party. Nithing Raj is a M.A. student at the University College.

A video of the SFI leader, Mahesh a.k.a Ettappan, threatening Nithin Raj is now circulating in social media. In the video Ettappan is seen warning Nithin that he will kill him if he lifts the flag of KSU. He is seen demanding Nithin bring him a match box to light his cigarette and also assaulting him.

Ettappan has a criminal background and has been staying at the hostel for many years threatening and intimidating the students staying there. It is believed that Ettappan was the person who controlled Nazeem and Siva Ranjith, who are accused in a stabbing case of another SFI activist.

Another student Sudev is also injured in the attack.

The University College hostel is notorious for harbouring communist party backed former students. They do not leave the hostels even after completing their studies. These SFI leaders threatens other students and also collect money for their activities. Though many complaints have been filed against such persons the authorities always turn a blind eye to it.


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