Shocking: Christian girl drugged, raped, filmed and blackmailed to convert to Islam in a tragic case of love jihad in Kozhikode

Kozhikode: In a shocking incident reported from Kozhikode, a Christian girl was drugged, raped, filmed and then blackmailed to convert to Islam. Shockingly, the Police Commissioner himself is trying to sabotage the case to help the rapist.

The incident took place at the Sarovaram Bio-park. The victim was raped after drugging the juice she was offered to drink. The rapist then took pictures of her and threatened to share it on social media unless she converted to Islam.

The family of the girl reported the case to the police after she revealed her ordeal to her parents. The father of the victim said he did not get any favourable support from the police. This forced the girl’s father to approach ‘Janam TV’ to get justice for her daughter.

The family of the victim had earlier approached Nadakavu Circle Inspector of Police, Ashraf, Medical College Circle Inspector, Moosa and also the City Police Commissioner, A. V. George. However, the police led by the City Police Commissioner only tried to sabotage the case instead of investigating and nabbing the culprits.

Love jihad which was waning has again gained strength in Kozhikode district. Earlier, the love jihad network was targeting Hindu girls but now they have turned their attention to girls from the Christian community too. In the past three months twenty Christian girls have been trapped in the clutches of love jihad operatives and were converted to Islam in Kozhikode district alone.


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