Shocking: Poor woman in Kerala reveals to Child Welfare Committee that her child ate mud out of hunger

Thiruvananthapuram: While Kerala boasts of being the number one state in India in many spheres, including health and poverty alleviation, the plight of one poor woman in the capital is raising eyebrows. She revealed that her child ate mud due to extreme hunger.

Ironically, the woman lives just a few kilometers from the Legislative Assembly at the heart of the city in a poor makeshift shed, she calls home.

She has six children with the eldest being seven years old and the youngest just three months. Her husband is an alcoholic and do not provide even for food. The shortage of food in the house forced the eldest child to eat mud.

Members of Child Line visited her home after hearing about her plight. They have taken all the children except the two youngest children who needs to be fed by the mother. The mother has already given application to the Child Welfare Committee to take care of her four children.


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