SP leader Azam Khan slapped with 10 new cases for land grabbing: Govt. officials list him as ‘land mafia’ on govt portal

Lucknow: It seems that Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan is deep down in illegal deals and has turned out to be a ‘land mafia’ with 10 new cases of land grabbing being slapped on the Member of Parliament. The government has uploaded his name on Uttar Pradesh government’s anti-land mafia website.

The 10 cases filed against him today are in addition to the already 13 land grabbing cases he already has. The police has also registered case against Former DSP, Ale Hasan, along with Azam Khan.

The cases were filed after villagers complained to the police against the duo for illegally taking over their lands. The cases were registered at the Azeemnagar police station in Rampur.

Rampur District Magistrate, Aunjaneya Kumar, said to ANI, “He has 13 FIRs and 2 cases against him, and now his name is also being put up on the anti-land mafia portal…the cases will be directly handled by the state government and all necesarry legal action will be taken.”

He added, “As many as 26 farmers had claimed that Azam Khan and his close aide Alay Hasan Khan acquired their land for the Mohammad Ali Jauhar University through coercion.”

The SP leader is not new to controversies. He has been seen fanning Muslim fundamentalism through his speeches and statements. The Member of Parliament had encouraged Muslims to take revenge for the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots. He also suggested that the Taj Mahal should be given to Central Wakf Council, a purely Muslim organization.

He also said that ‘Mother India’ was a witch as per the context of his Muslim beliefs.

Azam Khan also made derogatory comments against Jaya Pradha who joined the BJP from Samajwadi Party.


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