Supreme Court admonishes Kerala government and Kerala High Court Judge: Says Kerala is part of India

New Delhi: In the most harsh words the Supreme Court of India have admonished both the Kerala Government and the Kerala High Court Judge, today, for not executing the apex court’s order in the Malankara Church feud. The Supreme Court judge, Arun Mishra, said that Kerala has been repeatedly not executing its judgments and reminded that Kerala is part of India.

The Kerala government is facing a huge humiliation after the Supreme Court’s harsh comments against it. The apex court also admonished the Kerala High court judge, Hari Prasad, for giving orders against the Supreme Court’s judgment.

The apex court’s statements come after the Kerala government failed to execute its decision in the Kandanad Church case, in which two factions of the Malankara Church is fighting for the possession of the church. The Supreme Court had given a favourable sentence to the Orthodox faction in 2017 and allowed them to worship at the church.

However, High Court judge Hari Prasad had allowed the Jacobite faction to also worship there by giving an interim order. The Orthodox faction submitted a plea in the Supreme Court against the High Court order.

The Supreme Court observed the High Court’s interim order as a blatant violation of its order and made the harsh rebuke. The apex court even asked who is Hari Prasad to give an order above the Supreme Court’s verdict.

The court also said that Hari Prasad must face actions if this situation is continued.

The Chief Secretary of Kerala faced the heat of the Supreme Court and was warned that contempt of court will be initiated against him. The apex court also said that Kerala has been repeatedly failing to execute its orders and reminded that Kerala is part of India and thus bound to follow the verdict of the Supreme Court.

Recently, the Orthodox faction asked why the Kerala government is not enthusiastic to execute the Supreme Court verdict as it had tried to execute the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala, which had hurt the sentiments of Hindu community.


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