Tensions in Middle East escalates as Saudi Arabia presents evidence of Iranian involvement in drone attack at Saudi oil facilities

Riyadh: The threat of war hangs over the Gulf region after Saudi Arabia blamed Iran for the drone attacks that hit the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. The Islamic kingdom substantiated their claims by providing evidences which points finger at Iran.

The Saudi Arabian Military spokesperson in a press meet presented pieces of the weapons used in the attack. He said that it is conclusive proof that Iran is behind the attacks at Saudi Aramco, which have disrupted the oil supplies substantially.

The spokesperson said that in addition to cruise missiles, delta wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were used in the attack. He said that 25 drones were used by Iran and it did not come from Yemen.

The US President Donald Trump has tweeted that more sanctions will be imposed on Iran following the attacks.

After the attack, Houthi rebels of Yemen had claimed responsibility and also warned that they are capable of more such attacks. The rebels threatened Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of more attacks. They said that are capable of producing more such drones to attack targets in Saudi and UAE.

Specifically targeting UAE, the Houthi Military spokesperson, Yahya Saree said, “Only one operation will cost you a lot. We announce for the first time that we have tens of targets in the UAE, including (targets) in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They could be targeted at any minute.”


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