• Gram Dosa

    Ingredients 1.  Bengal Gram          2 Cups Soaked 2.   Chilly Ginger         3 Teaspoon paste…

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  • BBQ Chicken Nachos

    Ingredients 1. Grilled Chicken 1 Cup 2. BBQ Sauce 3 Table Spoon 3. Tortilla Chips A hand full 4. Pico…

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  • Mini chocolate cakes

    Ingredients : Sugar                                   …

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  • Laugh Out Loud: here comes Dakini

    Dakini, the humorous movie to hit the theaters by Friday. Sudaani from Nigeria fame Sarasa Balusherry and Savitri Sridharan are…

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  • Feminism 2018

    We have not still come out of the stench of unfavourable action that happened recently as daughter of a senior…

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