‘Varunastra’ the Indian made heavyweight torpedo to be inducted to the Indian Navy: Will boost Indian fire power on the high seas

New Delhi: In a move that will boost the underwater military capability of Indian Navy, the heavyweight torpedo ‘Varunastra’ will be inducted to the navy. It is a proud moment for India because the torpedo is 95% swadeshi, developed by Naval Science and Technology Laboratory in Visakhapatnam.

With Varunastra, India is the eighth country in the world that has achieved the capability to develop heavyweight torpedoes indigenously.

Bharat Dynamics Limited has already signed a contract worth Rs. 1,187 crore to manufacture the torpedo in collaboration with DRDO.

An official with the company said, ”  The Varunastra is a shiplaunched, electrically-propelled underwater weapon equipped with one of the most advanced automatic and remote-controlled guidance systems. The weapon system uses its own intelligence in tracing the target.”

The specialty of the Indian made torpedo is that it can hit enemy stealth submarines underwater that poses a threat to Indian vessels. The ship launched missiles can also be launched from shore. The missiles weigh upto to 1,500 kg and reaches a length of 7-8 meters.

According to DRDO officials, the anti submarine electric torpedo can travel upto 74 km/hr and can be launched from both navy ships and submarines. India is planning to sell Varunastra to friendly nations.

While China is boosting its naval strength to encircle the Indian Ocean, India is also stepping up its capabilities on the high seas to protect Indian interests in the region. The induction of the torpedo into the Navy will be a strong message to nations who are actively engaged in out flanking India in the Indian Ocean and beyond.


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