While opposition protests against EVMs, Australian envoy “impressed” with EVMs: Says paper ballots run risk of being compromised

New Delhi: While opposition parties are up in arms against EVMs, accusing the government of tampering with the machine, the Australian envoy to India, Harinder Sidhu, was impressed by its working. She also hailed the Election Commissioner and its officials for getting millions of people to cast their vote in the elections.

Speaking to a national media, the envoy said, “It’s been a really inspiring experience. How can you get so many people to voting? The answer is well-organized EC and its officials. It’s a good system and organized.”

She remarked that using EVMs in national elections signifies the high quality of Indian democracy.

Harinder Sidhu said that paper ballot system followed in countries like Australia run the risk of having the integrity of the system compromised. She went on to say that using VVPAT ensures more transparency in the process.

The envoy said, “I’m really impressed with EVMs, we don’t have those in Australia. I think even with paper ballots which we have in Australia, it’s always a case where there’s a risk to integrity in any system. VVPAT is actually a good development.”

The envoy of Australia’s statement comes in stark contrast to what opposition parties are saying about EVMs. The opposition to deflect the blame of their failure from their incompetence have been speaking against the use of EVMs in elections.

Opposition parties are accusing the government of rigging the elections using EVMs. They are demanding for a return to paper ballots instead of using EVM. The opposition have failed repeatedly to produce any credible evidence of rigging the election using EVM.

Earlier, the Supreme Court of India had rejected 21 opposition  parties petition asking the court to ask the Election Commission to cross check at least 50% votes using VVPAT.


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