WHO hails India’s tremendous capacity to combat coronavirus

Geneva: The executive director of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Michael J Ryan, on Tuesday recalled India who eradicated two pandemics, small-pox and polio before. Similarly, he said that India has a tremendous capacity to deal the coronavirus outbreak.

“There is a need in the number of labs where a surge is seen. India is a very populous country and the future of this virus will be considered in a very highly and densely populated country. India led the world in eradicating two pandemics, small-pox and polio so the country has a tremenduous capacity,” J Ryan said during a daily press brief on the pandemic.

“There are no easy answers. It is exceptionally important that countries like India show the way to the world as they have done before,” he added.

The number of cases worldwide has exceeded 3,30,000 while the number of deaths surpassed 14,000.


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